How to get help in windows 10

If you are seeking help in Windows 10 this article will help you know the ways to get assistance in Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows OS and comes with a plenty of added features. These features can be useful but at times you may also face certain problems in overall functioning of Windows.

Though Microsoft has made Windows 10 quite user friendly still there are chances that you encounter some problems with Windows 10.

Let us learn the methods that you can use to get help in Windows 10 to resolve the problems related to Windows 10.

Press F1- Help Key

F1 key is meant for getting help. When you hit the F1 key you will see Bing search engine opens in Windows browser that takes you to the video that helps you know how to get help in Windows 10.

Bing search also shows up results extracted from various other sites to seek help in Windows. When you press F1 key from your keyboard and executable file – HelpPane.exe will start processing in the folder of Windows directory that will direct automatically to search results in Bing in default browser.

Contact Support Application

Contact support app provided by Microsoft in Windows 10 helps the users to directly connect to the Microsoft technical support via chat. Users can either chat or arrange for a call or get an instant call from Microsoft technical support.

Contact support app is the perfect method to identity various issues associated with Microsoft like Xbox, Skype, Edge/Internet Explorer, Office 365, Windows Phone etc.

Let us learn how to get to the app- Contact Support. Just go to the search bar on your taskbar and type- contact support in Windows 10.

Now click support application and sign in to the Microsoft account to reach the help desk. Support application also displays other options like

Services & Apps

Accounts and Billing

You can simply identify the problem you are facing according to the options shown.

You can also Ask the community wherein you can ask your questions on Windows 10 community and request them to give feedback on various problems that you face with Windows 10.

Using the above option you will be directed to a forum on MS website by default browser in Windows to solve all your problems. Microsoft community is basically a forum open for free discussion for all windows users to solve their respective problems.

You can easily go to the community and browse through the categories given for different Microsoft products that helps identify the problems related to Windows.

The methods given above are surely going to help you to get help in Windows 10.

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